What Is A Dry Riser?

dry riser inlet from Brookside Fire Service supplied and installed in birmingham and west midlands

A dry riser is vital to a building’s fire safety system. It is a vertical pipe that is installed in buildings to provide a means of delivering water to upper levels in the event of a fire. So, what are Dry risers? Dry risers are typically found in multi-storey buildings such as office blocks, hospitals,…

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Importance of Fire Alarm Systems

importance of fire alarm systems at Brookside Fire Service

Fire Alarm Systems are essential to have in all properties to help protect against imminent fires. As a fire can occur when you’re least expecting it, investing in appropriate fire detection systems can alarm you if there is a fire and can ultimately save lives. Therefore, the importance of fire alarms systems is that they…

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Fire Extinguisher Commissioning

CO2, Water, Foam, Wet and Dry Fire Extinguishers provided

When a fire extinguisher is purchased from a web site it will probably be delivered by courier in a van and it is therefore not possible to ‘commission’ it before it is sent out as it could be damaged, discharged or have lost pressure en-route. British Standard 5306-3 recommends that extinguishers be commissioned on-site by…

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