Sprinkler Systems

Fires can spread out of control in just a few minutes and become too big to manage. In the time it takes for you to react to a fire alarm, a sprinkler system can contain, control, or extinguish the fire. Which protects your building and saves lives.

Save lives, buildings & money with a fire sprinkler system

As well as saving lives, sprinkler systems can prevent costly damage. Every week, for example, 20 schools are destroyed or damaged by fire. They can also enable you to make more cost-effective use of your premises as building and fire safety regulations often allow parts of a building to be used which would be deemed unsafe without a sprinkler system. Also, fire walls do not always have to be built to as high a rating if a sprinkler system is in place. Some insurance companies also offer reduced premiums for houses and buildings that incorporate sprinkler systems.

Brookside Fire Service Engineers

We are completely up to date with the very latest building codes, insurance company recommendations and fire regulations.

They will carry out a full free survey of your premises and advise you on where you need sprinklers and what products will be best for your needs. Whether you need a complex commercial system, a residential system or a small domestic sprinkler system, we will meet your exact requirements.

We can integrate your sprinkler system with your smoke detectors, heat detectors, fire alarms, the rest of your security system.

We are also able to provide sprinkler maintenance for fitted systems. Ask us more about maintenance today.

Sprinkler System FAQ's

A sprinkler system is an automated irrigation system that delivers water to plants, trees, and grass through a series of pipes and sprinkler heads. It is designed to provide consistent and efficient watering to your landscape.

Sprinkler systems are controlled by a timer that is programmed to turn on and off at specific times. When the system turns on, water is delivered through the pipes and sprinkler heads to the designated areas in your landscape. Sprinkler systems can be designed to accommodate different types of plants, soil types, and watering needs.

Sprinkler systems provide consistent and efficient watering to your landscape, which helps to maintain healthy plants and grass. They also save time and effort compared to manual watering, and can be programmed to turn on and off automatically, even when you're not home. Additionally, sprinkler systems can help conserve water by delivering just the right amount of water to your landscape, reducing water waste.

While it is possible to install a sprinkler system yourself, it is generally recommended that you hire a professional to do the job. A professional sprinkler system installer can design and install a system that is customized to your landscape and watering needs, ensuring that it is efficient and effective.

Regular maintenance is important to keep your sprinkler system running efficiently. This includes checking for leaks, cleaning the sprinkler heads, and adjusting the water pressure and timer settings as needed. It is also important to have your sprinkler system inspected and serviced by a professional on a regular basis. We provide a Sprinkler system maintenance service at Brookside Fire Service, so contact us today for more information

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