Safety Signs

Brookside Fire Service supply over 1000 safety signs covering all aspects of fire signage and all general Health & Safety Signs. All our signs – where applicable – are available in European, current British Standard and available in rigid, self-adhesive and photo luminescent format from stock.

Selection of Fire Signs available:

Fire Extinguisher Identity Signs, Fire Blanket Identity Signs, Fire Exit Signs, Fire Procedure Notices, Fire Alarm Call Point Signs, Fire Exit Keep Clear Signs, Push Bar To Open Signs.

Fire signs are available from Brookside Fire Service

Safety Signs FAQ's

Safety signs are visual aids that convey important safety information in workplaces and public areas. They are designed to alert people to potential hazards, provide instructions on how to stay safe, and indicate the location of safety equipment.

There are several types of safety signs, including:

  • Warning signs: These indicate a potential hazard, such as a slippery surface or electrical danger.

  • Prohibition signs: These indicate actions that are not allowed, such as no smoking or no entry.

  • Mandatory signs: These indicate actions that are required, such as wearing personal protective equipment or using a safety harness.

  • Emergency signs: These indicate the location of emergency equipment or exits.

Safety signs can help prevent accidents and injuries by alerting people to potential hazards and providing clear instructions on how to stay safe. They can also improve communication in multi-lingual workplaces and public areas.

The type of safety sign you need depends on the specific hazards and safety requirements of your workplace or public area. It is important to conduct a risk assessment and consult with a safety sign provider to determine the best signs for your needs. If you need help with what Safety Sign(s) is right for your business, contact us at Brookside Fire Service today

We provide a wide range of Safety Signs at Brookside Fire Service and also have the expertise and knowledge to advise you on what signs are appropriate for your business or property

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