Nurse Call Systems

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Why Get A Nurse Call System?

Communicating with patients, ensuring their safety, and meeting their needs are all part of your day-to-day responsibilities. Our electronic systems will help you achieve those goals smoothly and efficiently. Our trained representatives will work with you in designing a call system that meets your specific needs. Working extensively alongside you and your staff results in a system that everyone can use to its full potential. This translates to greater efficiency and improved patient care.

Nurse Call System Services

Nurse call systems are vital for healthcare providers, and technology has moved nurse call from being a simple call system between patient and nurse to a fully integrated information, voice and entertainment platform, which enables integration with a number of wider hospital services.

But without proper consideration, maintenance of such nurse call systems can be inefficient and costly, not only through the financial expenses but also the impact a non-functioning nurse call system could have on patients and staff alike.

Nurse Call Systems FAQ's

A nurse call system is a communication system that allows patients or residents in healthcare facilities to call for assistance from a nurse or other healthcare provider. It typically consists of a bedside call button or pull cord, a central control panel, and a communication device such as a speaker or intercom.

A nurse call system can improve patient safety, enhance communication between patients and healthcare providers, and increase efficiency in healthcare facilities. It can also help reduce response times, which can be critical in emergency situations.

There are several types of nurse call systems, including:

  • Wired systems: These are hardwired systems that use cables to connect the call buttons and control panel.

  • Wireless systems: These use radio signals to communicate between the call buttons and control panel.

  • Hybrid systems: These combine wired and wireless components.

The type of nurse call system you need depends on the specific needs of your facility. Factors to consider include the size of the facility, the number of patients or residents, and the level of care required. It is important to consult with a nurse call system provider to determine the best system for your needs.

Nurse call systems should be tested regularly to ensure that they are functioning properly. The frequency of testing depends on the type of system and the regulations in your area. In general, nurse call systems should be tested at least once a month.

Nurse call systems should be maintained regularly to ensure that they are functioning properly. This may include cleaning the call buttons, inspecting the wiring, and replacing batteries in wireless components. It's important to use a professional company such as us at Brookside Fire Service to correctly install and maintain your Nurse Call Systems.

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