Nurse Call Systems are an imperative piece of equipment to have within Care Homes or other Healthcare Facilities to enable patients or residents to quickly call for help should they need assistance. At Brookside Fire Service, we provide Nurse Call Systems to facilities all across Birmingham and the West Midlands, alongside a maintenance service to ensure they stay working effectively and efficiently.

Nurse Call Systems are electronic communication systems used in healthcare facilities to allow patients to call for assistance from their healthcare providers, such as nurses or other medical professionals. These systems typically consist of a bedside button or other call device that patients can use to alert staff to their needs. When the button is pressed, a signal is sent to a central console or communication system, which alerts the appropriate staff member to the patient's request.

Nurse call systems can vary in complexity, from basic systems that simply alert staff to a patient's call, to more advanced systems that integrate with other hospital systems, such as patient monitoring systems or electronic medical records. Some Nurse Call Systems also allow for two-way communication between the patient and staff, allowing patients to speak directly with their caregivers.

Key Features of Nurse Call Systems

The key features of nurse call systems can vary depending on the specific system, but some common features include:


Call button: The call button is the main feature of the nurse call system. It allows patients to call for assistance when they need it.

Alerts and notifications: When a patient presses the call button, the nurse call system sends an alert or notification to the appropriate staff member or department. This can be in the form of an audible alarm, a message on a display panel, or a notification sent to a mobile device.

Two-way communication: Some nurse call systems allow for two-way communication between the patient and the caregiver. This allows patients to speak directly with their caregivers and can help to improve communication and patient satisfaction.

Integration with other hospital systems: Many nurse call systems can be integrated with other hospital systems, such as patient monitoring systems or electronic medical records. This allows for more efficient communication and can help to reduce response times.

Customisation: Nurse call systems can be tailored to meet the specific demands of a healthcare facility. Features such as multiple call kinds (e.g., emergency vs. non-emergency), call prioritising, and configurable alerts and notifications may be included.

Analytics and reporting: Some nurse call systems include analytics and reporting features that allow healthcare providers to track response times, call volume, and other metrics. This can help to identify areas for improvement and optimise staffing and resource allocation.


Overall, nurse call systems are designed to improve communication and efficiency in healthcare facilities, while also improving patient safety and satisfaction.

Nurse Call Systems Enable Fast Communication

Nurse Call Systems can improve patient safety and satisfaction by ensuring that patients receive timely and appropriate care. They can also help healthcare providers work more efficiently by streamlining communication and reducing response times.

Modern nurse call systems enable patients to readily convey their needs to the designated nurse. Rather than hitting the same button for every purpose, many systems now allow users to select from a menu of possibilities. "Emergency," "bathroom," or "question," for example. As the nurse is on the way, systems can also allow for two-way contact between the nurse and the patient, therefore improving communication between both patients and nurses in your facility.

Nurse Call Systems Enable Patient Safety

The main importance of these sorts of systems is to enable patient safety and guarantee they can get immediate help when needed. More importantly, without a Nurse Call System, how long would it take to discover a patient who had fallen during a standard round schedule or how long would it take for a nurse to check on a patient if they became ill unexpectedly? Call systems enable patients to communicate when they require assistance in instances such as these. Patients may be placed in dangerous situations if they do not have an easy and accessible way to communicate with the nursing staff. Patients can receive the care they require more quickly thanks to call systems.

Another area where good nurse call systems might help your hospital improve is patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction levels, as you are aware, can have a variety of effects on your facility. Moreover, two-way contact call systems for patients and nurses can assist in keeping patients informed. While call systems aren't the be-all and end-all of patient happiness, a well-designed system can surely help you enhance your satisfaction scores.

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