Dry Riser Installation

Dry Risers are incredibly important to keep properties safe by ensuring water is easily accessible in the event of a fire. Here at Brookside Fire Service, we specialise in Dry Riser installation, alongside supplying and maintaining them to a range of properties throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. Ensure your business and/or property is appropriately equipped with our experienced Dry Riser Installation service.

The Importance Of An Experienced Dry Riser Installation Service

For high-rise buildings, proper dry riser installation is critical. Tall structures require an efficient firefighting system that can reach all floors. The outlets are located inside cupboards, making them easily accessible to firefighters. In the event of a fire, firefighters pressurise the main to allow an unfettered flow of water. Dry riser installation must adhere to various rules, but here at Brookside Fire Service, we have a professional team to carry out a thorough service.

Dry risers are preferred in many businesses, particularly those with critical or water-sensitive equipment, where a leak caused by vandalism or building disruption could be disastrous. We also carry out installations in situations where the pipework may be exposed to low temperatures, resulting in supply failure due to frozen pipes or clogs.

Our engineers at Brookside Fire Service conduct all work to current British Standards and fabricate your dry riser installation on-site to ensure that every component of the project appropriately fits your existing building structures. We are confident that our dry riser installations are among the most reasonably priced systems available today since we build on-site and can make any design adjustments required without having to re-fabricate or increase your expenditures.

How A Dry Riser Installation Works

Dry riser installations are made up of three major components that must adhere to strict regulations:


External Inlet

An external inlet must be installed on the bottom floor's outer wall. It should be enclosed with a sign indicating it is a dry riser inlet. A collecting head with at least two instantaneous male hose connections and a drain down valve should be housed in the enclosure. This allows the fire and rescue services to readily access the inlet and effectively empty it after use. The container is locked and requires a key to open, however there is a small glass window that can be broken for quick access. Because a fire vehicle must park within 18m of an external intake, it must be placed near the roadway.



For structures with a single outlet on each floor, the pipes should have an internal diameter of 100mm. Taller buildings and buildings with more than one outlet per floor should have pipes with a diameter of 150mm. An air valve at the top of the piping is required to evacuate the air inside the pipes once water begins to flow through them. The piping must be constructed from the materials specified in the regulations. They should also be surrounded by fire-resistant shafts.



Firefighters can link their hose to the dry riser and pump water from the fire truck using outlets on each story. They must have one or two instant female hose connections as well as a huge gate valve. The connectors must adhere to BS 336 requirements.

For easy access, place the outlets in an enclosure with a glass window. The outlets should be placed in a fire escape staircase or another secure location.

Dry Riser Supply & Maintenance

Alongside our Dry Riser Installation service, we also provide a supply and maintenance service for both Wet and Dry Risers for our clients. It’s important to get your equipment tested by our professional team at Brookside Fire Service to keep it running effectively and safely.

You also know that when you buy a Riser with us, we will supply you with a bespoke service that guarantees a reliable product that protects your business and property.

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