At Brookside Fire Service, we specialise in designing, installing and maintaining Dry Risers throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. Investing in appropriate Dry Risers for buildings is necessary in order to keep the property safe in the unfortunate event of a fire, and ensuring they are kept thoroughly maintained means we can guarantee they continue to work effectively. With our team of specialists, we are able to assess the requirements of your building and offer a valuable service that is designed around its features and accessibility.

What Are Dry Risers?

During a firefighting emergency, a Dry Riser allows firemen to easily reach water on all floors and compartments. These systems, which consist of a network of water inlets, pipes, and outlets dispersed throughout all levels of a building, are typically located along the building's fire fighting shaft. These firefighting systems are designed to be empty and only charged with water during testing or actual fires.

Dry Risers are required in any building design where the height from the fire brigade access level to the top floor exceeds 18 meters. They are also required where there are more than 10 meters of underground space. They are kept empty, only enabling water to flow through when it is pumped into the system by the fire department through a dry riser intake breeching valve. In a couple of minutes, the dry riser system will be charged and up to pressure, with water available on all floors.

Dry risers are favoured in a variety of industries, particularly those with important or water-sensitive equipment, where a leak caused by vandalism or building disruption could be disastrous. We also execute installations in situations where the pipework may be exposed to low temperatures, where frozen pipes or clogs may result in supply failure.

We fabricate your dry riser installation on-site to guarantee that every component of the project correctly suits your existing building structures; all work is completed to current British Standards by our engineers. We're certain that our installations are among the most economically priced systems available today since we construct on-site and can make any design changes needed without having to re-fabricate or increase costs to you.

Importance of Maintaining your Dry Risers with Brookside Fire Service

Dry Risers (fire mains) are prone to serious neglect and even vandalism due to their nature, thus they must be constantly maintained and examined. Dry risers (fire mains) should be visually examined and serviced every 6 months, with the potential for significant penalties if they fail to function when needed. They should also be pressure tested annually.

Brookside Fire Service can supply your company with a complete fire safety solution. Whether for dry and wet risers or other aspects of fire safety. Please contact us right away to explore how we can assist your company.

Regulations and Legislations of Dry Risers

To ensure its effectiveness and legal compliance, your Dry Riser system must be developed, installed, and tested in accordance with British Standards, namely BS9990:2015, BS9991, BS9999, and Approved Document B (Fire Safety) of the Building Regulations (England & Wales).

In the event of a fire, the person in control of the building, such as the property owner, landlord, or facilities manager, must show that the dry riser system was tested and that a valid certificate of compliance is in place.

A Dry Riser should be visually examined every 6 months, according to BS9990, and it is a legal obligation that dry risers be tested annually. It is critical to use a qualified company for the design, implementation, and testing of a dry riser system.

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